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My Metalworking start

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Learning how to weld with an Oxy-acetylene setup. Maybe a little dangerous

I don't have any formal education with metal working or welding. That being said YouTube

I now work with a MiG welder. With this setup I am able to add industrial style elements to all my work. It all started with a janky Oxy- acetylene torch setup and an $50 trailer off of Craigslist.

It was actually pretty easy to get into welding with a used oxy acetylene setup. Craigslist was definitely my friend. I was able to find a trailer that at least rolled and had decent tires. I actually pick up 2 trailers for about $100 and the plan was to combine them to make one healthy trailer. all told I was in about $300 to get me started on this welding journey.

Besides the fact that you are dealing with fire and very high temperatures there was not a lot at stake here. I really can't break the trailers more. If i succeeded though I know how to weld and I would finally have a usable cargo trailer. Which up until then I could not afford..

Youtube was the greatest educator for me. Now, so many years later I wish i could say who's videos I watched but I have no idea.

Through Youtube and Craigslist

I was able to create 2 new to me trailers. The larger one I continued to use until 2020 when I built my new Urban logging trailer.

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