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woodworking tears up my hands. Gloves are key.


My name is Matthew Coppersmith

I am a maker or artist or woodworker creating pieces with a mix of wood, metal, resin, and other miscellaneous items. I combine these materials to create one cohesive piece of furniture. Showcasing their individual characteristics and beauty.  I currently mill all my own lumber. I want to give those trees the chance to live on as something else. I find that I see this in many things a piece of broken and discarded metal, a chunk of rock. I see these things and I am immediately figuring out how to give these things new life.

I consider myself to be self-taught in all aspects of woodworking, metalworking, and resin. Meaning I don’t have any formal education. I owe a lot to YouTube and the friends I have made.

Live edge Ash slab

Interior Design

  • I believe in my children, they are the reason for ALL the emotions!

  • I believe in woodworking to fill my bucket!

  • I believe in making mistakes, it's how we learn!

What I believe
Showing off my Interior design/decor pieces

"Sometimes it is not about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s finding the tunnel in the first place!"

Spalted Silver Maple slab

Guilty Pleasures & Truths

-You can do anything because YouTube!

-Dad jokes can be funny.

-I love the idea that two desserts per person are three times better than one!

furniture being made from this large piece of salvaged Douglas Fir
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